This is art from that period of time in my life, but not from Art Therapy. They all relate to what I was going through, what I was thinking about, and was part of the cure.

This picture has no real significance. It's just me fooling around and exploring the proportions of the human body as simplistic and with as few lines as possible.

This is just a plain cutout of a man sitting with his arm on his bent leg. In the background, it says, "express yourself" over and over again with other designs.

I drew a lot of hands, feet, and other objects like shoes and lights. I didn't love to draw them, it's just that what was always available to me.

This is a portrait of my mother.

I had a full body mirror so when I was bored and didn't know what to draw...

This isn't anyone I knew. I just liked drawing people from my imagination. Then there is no pressure in making it look exactly like someone that you are trying to draw while they are watching you.

This is the word "happiness" written over and over again in charcoal and then smudged to give it the rough look.

I liked to draw people in different positions, and this is supposed to be a little girl holding up her shorts, wading in water.

This is a picture I drew of my sister and I when we were little and playing dress-up in the backyard.

This is another pose that I did in front of a mirror and then drew it. I liked odd poses that most people wouldn't normally think of to draw.

This is a picture of a random woman's profile. I loved drawing profiles.

This is just a design I drew of straight lines over and over again.

This is a picture of a random baby girl that I thought up in my head.

This is the view I had day after day, staring up at the ceiling fan, bored out of my mind.

This is a sketch I did exploring the proportions of the basic human body.

This is a design of the profile of someone, even though it's hard to see. The face is facing to the left.

One day I was really bored so I took out my dollhouse from when I was little and I put the dolls in poses and drew them. Kind of pathetic, but it gave me somethihng new to draw. These are the dolls in the kitchen.

This is a doll sitting on her bed.

This is a Mommy doll rocking her baby in a rocking chair.

This is another picture I drew during a panic attack. Kind of scary, I know.

This is a shoe that was in my mom's room that I drew.

This was a lamp in my parents room.

This is my mom sleeping. I would literally draw anything and everything I could see.

This is a drawing of my mom watching television.

This is a picture of my sister.

These are flowers someone brought me.

This is a picture of a really tired girl, which I always was because I rarely got a good night's sleep.

This is the view outside my parents room into the hallway that I decided to randomly draw.

This is a huge tear drop with a rainbow, a mask and a colored flower in it.

This looks kind of like a cartoon. It's just a silly picture I drew.

This is just a doodle I did with a smile and in the background I was allluding to the word "happiness."

This is a picture of someone I wanted to be at the time so badly; someone laughing, someone happy.